Acid Neutralizers with 890S Upflow Valve

This non-backwashing Upflow Acid Neutralizer consists of one resin tank with a dome hole fill port. It comes with an in/out 890S upflow head designed for easy, straight line installation.

Acid Neutralizer with 890S Upflow Valve
 Models available
 Upflow head   890S
 Neutralizing Media  Calcite and/or Magnesium Oxide (Not included)
 Literature  WTUPANX Sell Sheet
Fiberglass Tank: 10 years
Upflow Head: 1 year
• Fiberglass tank will not rust, durable design and efficient operation
• In/Out 890S upflow Clack head
• Equipped with upper distributor system to prevent loss of neutralizing media
• Dome hole fill port