WTC Series Nitrate Removal Unit - Discontinued

The WTC Series Nitrate Removal unit consists of a resin tank and a brine tank. This unit comes with a user-friendly Demand Regeneration (Metered) Clack valve that includes a convenient bypass valve adaptable to ¾" or 1" and 8-hour battery backup.

Nitrate Removal Unit with Metered Clack Valve - Discontinued
 Models available
 Control Valve   WS1
 Softening Media  A-520E Anion Resin
 Brine Tank Media Solar Salt (Not included)
 Literature  WTCNDR Sell Sheet
Quick Set Up Guide
Valve Programming
Fiberglass Tank: 10 years
Brine Tank Shell: 5 years
Control Valve & Timer/Motor: 3 years
• Pre-loaded with A-520E anion resin
• Fiberglass tank will not rust
• High capacity polyethylene brine tank
• Electronic Clack meter control valve
• Bypass valve adjustable to ¾" or 1"
• Safety brine valve in brine tank